Apr. 24th, 2013 04:08 pm
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This kid is under the weather today. I didn't realize it at first but he was shaking this morning after he ate and wanted to cuddle. He felt warm and was a bit whiney. Decided to keep him home today.  Right after he went and started playing with his 'guys' and was having a good time so I thought I jumped the gun... but then at 10:30 he was begging me to take a nap.  He doesn't do that unless he feels like poop.   He's been whiny  and temperamental all afternoon and a little cuddly.

This post may be cut short because he came to me tearfully asking to 'sit with mommy?" and then brought his Geeves, his Spiderman blanket and is now laying on me and I am typing on his bum. He doesn't love it. lol  Poor guy.

Ever since we got him a moon night light he's been sleeping reallllly well. He was coming to our bed as early as 11pm to 2am. Lately though he will sleep well past 4 am, several times I will come home from work and he is still in his room. Yesterday he didn't come to our bed until  7am, today it was at 6am.

We finally got him a haircut yesterday and he looks so cute. He sat perfectly still for the entire cut. I sometimes just can't get over how much he is growing up.  He has more patience and tolerance for things he didn't before. I'm biased but I think he is a pretty great kid.

Still no progress with potty training aside from a mild interest in underwear. It's cute to see his scrawny tush in Spidernan undies. I wish I could find Batman ones in his size but they are always sold out of 2t.

He's really in to counting and numbers. He can count to 5 easily and knows his numbers up to 12. I've only heard him count 1-12 twice now. He pretty much just counts 1-5 and then randomly will count 6-12. He really likes to line things up and sort them by colour and count them.  We have recangular word magnets on the fridge make sentences and he has them all lined up in columns. Sometimes he switches it to a big long line. When he was at my mom's for the night on Friday he dumped out a bunch of different toys and coloured bowls and sorted the toys by colour in to each bowl. He was sad he didn't have a blue bowl so my mom gave him a blue plate lol.

I'm thinking for his birthday we will get him building blocks (not lego kind.) and toys he can line up/count/organize.

It's killing my arms to type around this kid so I'll end this here. :)
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I love trying to instill manners in this boy. He's quick with his please, thank you and I'm sorry but "excuse me" seems too much for him. 

Every fart or burp (burps are farts to him too lol) ends with this:

"Hahaha ! I farted! Haha, George farted. Loud fart! Stinky fart!!"  (pause)  "Oh, 'scooze me!"

If anyone around him burps or farts same thing... "You FARTED!!!!! Hahahahaha! You stinky!!!!" It's all the better because it;s usually a burp he's broadcasting for all to hear as a fart lol.
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I love my husband for finding me sexy and being disappointed that my new swimsuit isn't a bikini. 

I nearly bust a gut laughing when he said "awww not a 2 piece??"  He's cute but all kinds of delusional.;)
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George has offiicially begun the 'process'... and by this I mean he's showing some interest.  I have zero hopes of him being trained any time soon though.

He really likes underwear. Almost every day at some point he asks to wear his underwear. So he strips naked and we put it on. Remind him that if he is in underwear he needs to use the potty.  At some point he asks to potty and we bring him and he just stands there for a few minutes says he is all done and then he asks for his diaper again.

We did try the bribery thing... stickers, candy and even tv. he didn't care lol. 

Nothing scares me more than potty training.  Once he is trained that's it... but then bus rides and trips out will be that much more nerve wracking for me. What if he has to go and we are on the bus? What if he can't hold it? What if there's no bathroom nearby? Ugh. 


Mar. 23rd, 2013 11:44 am
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I haven't posted in a while. I want to post more but there is so little to post about. I work, I sleep. It's still cold outside and George is not a fan aside from getting to wear boots lol. Even worse than cold to him is snow. He hates snow.  It's been a very dull winter inside. Maybe next year he will be more in to it?  I hope so. I love winter.


George is having allergy issues again suddenly and we are pretty sure it's dairy again? But we can't figure out if we are slipping up or if there is more allergies.  He started breaking out in hives a few weeks ago, all over his face and arms.  Cut out dairy, no more hives exactly but he still gets rashy in his cheeks. I am pretty positive that is just a reaction from me kissing him since I still have dairy and I often drink coffee with cream in it when I wake up.  

This is frustrating. He was fine for a while. He could eat cheese fine but suddenly he can't.  I feel bad because he loves cheese.  We ordered some pizza shortly after cutting out dairy for him and poor kid was so excited.... screaming YAY PIZZA!!! Felt bad he couldn't have any.  I picked up some daiya "cheese" and will make him his own mini pizza today. I got him some almond yogurt and he doesn't notice a difference between that and the dairy kind so he is happy. He loves yogurt.


I'm getting really excited for Easter this year.  I booked off Good Friday and Easter Sunday so I will have a nice long weekend. Rowland has Friday off too so we will do the egg hunt then since he has to work on Sunday.

We got a small plush Psyduck pokemon for George's Easter basket and I ordered him Ash's pokemon hat from season 1. I wanted to get him a raincoat but I can't find any dinosaur ones to match his blue dino rainboots. I might just give in and get him the Spiderman one from Old Navy.    My sisters-in-law will be coming over too as they got some things for him including a Sonic the Hedgehog hoodie. He will be SO geeked... literally. lol  We also got him a couple of those feel and touch animal books. One about cats and one about farm animals and I got him a Batman coilouring book.

All I need to do now is get some grass for his basket, crayons, plastic eggs, bubbles, jellybeans and a kite. It isn't Easter without a new kite. 


I'm getting excited about gardening this year. My daffodils and tulips are already sprouting through.  I am going to get some seeds and start them inside sometime in Aoril. From what I've been reading I think planting during the Victoria day weekend will be ideal. Give me time to get organized. Probably a little bit later than I could plant but it gives the soil time to warm up.   I'm sure my first attempt at gardening will be a big mess but I am trying to be positive and plan as best I can.


I beat the newest Tomb Raider game and I really enjoyed it for the most part. It was a little too combat heavy for my tastes and the final boss didn't seem like it was THE boss. I'd like more puzzles. There weren't enough and the few that were there were very minor.

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I was napping with George (clothed of course) and I woke up to him quite painfully latched on and 'nursing' haha. He popped off with a proud smile and proclaimed "Boobies are deshish (delicious)!!"

Kid hasn't nursed in 6 months. There's nothing in there. haha  He asks for boobies a couple times a week. He then just kisses them. This was the first time he even latched.  Such a goof.


Feb. 28th, 2013 10:09 am
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I'm so tired today. This weekend (I have Tues-Wed off right now) has been so draining. I haven't been sleeping well and my back is so busted up. It was just my neck/shoulders before but then we had a winter storm Tuesday night that resulted in ankle deep gray sludge... I like shoveling snow but holy hell I do not like to shovel sludge.  I woke up this morning and my lower back is on fire from shoveling that muck. Advil liquid gels aren't touching it and I don't have anything stronger in the house.  Hopefully Rowland remembers to pick me up some Robaxacet.

I started a new birth control last week.  Before I was on the mini pill and kind of hated it.  I am on Nuvaring now and I am in love. I keep thinking of that infomercial "You just set it and forget it" haha.  I like that I can't feel it at all and I don't have to worry about remember to take a pill. Rowland hasn't felt it at all during sex so that's a bonus. Even if it was a nuisance during sex I would just take it out and put it back in after since there is a 3 hour window.  I haven't had any bad side effects like I usually get aside from a mild persistent headache for the first week and a half. 

I'm tired so I think I will go back to bed. I only woke up to bring George to daycare... just waiting for my laundry to finish so I can put it in the dryer... but I can always do that when I wake up.  The perk of having my own laundry now never gets old! I can fall asleep and don't have to worry about someone moving my stuff or someone waiting for me to come move my stuff.


Feb. 23rd, 2013 07:53 pm
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RIP Batty
June 27 2003 - February 23 2013



Feb. 20th, 2013 11:35 am
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My sweet Batty is dying. 

We've decided to do our best to make him comfortable for now.  He will be 10 this year so he is considered elderly.  We've had it looked in to but given how quickly and suddenly his health declined we decided not to press for anything invasive. The general consensus was much like what happened with Boots. "He's very sick, we could do invasive procedures that MIGHT reveal what is wrong but given his age and state of health now they don't recommend it."

It just hurts how FAST and sudden this all came on. One minute he was fine and the next second he's suddenly a bag of bones.

We've decided to let him end his days at home with us and try to make him as comfortable as possible rather than euthanasia at this point.   We decided this solely on his personality. He has always been an especially skiddish cat. My ex and my brother both abused him and scared the crap out of him for gun when he was a kitten. Everything terrifies him.  He's even skittish with Rowland and Me if we move too quickly or talk too loudly. Vet visits are torture to him.

I just can't bear for his last moments to be filled with such terror.  We've worked so hard to give him a home he feels safe in. To treat him gently and sweetly like he needs.   

It's such a rock and a hard place.... but we both agree this feels like the right way to go for Batty.

He seems to want to be near us. He has set up camp primarily at the foot of our bed.  Though he moves between there, the kitchen chairs and George's bed.   He's still drinking water but I haven't seen him eat anything.  Yesterday I got him some turkey and cheese wet food. The only kind he likes.. He licked up a bit of the gravy at least. I keep offering him more but he hasn't touched it.

We brought a litter box up to our room for him so he doesn't have to worry about going down to the basement.  So far despite being lathargic and deathly skinny he is still Batty.  He still hangs out with me in the morning when I come home looking eagerly at me to pet him.  He still gets excited about a grocery bag turned in to a ball, though he doesn't chase them anymore... he still wants our company.

He's still our Batty, at least for a little bit longer.
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Finally finished the Pretties series this morning.  I think I will fondly remember it as a trilogy and pretend the 4th book never happened.  It was originally a trilogy.  

I don't know why he bothered with a 4th book. It was just beyond awful, different characters with a minor appearance by the original characters... lame storyline that went no where and just overall had no point. The main Character was the most annoying person ever. About on par with Bella from Twilight but in a different way.   It took me over a week to slog through that book because it was just so bad I would avoid reading it. When I did read it I'd skip over some pages just to end if faster.

But I did finish bringing me to 7 books read in January.  Pretty good for me I think.  If I can keep that up I will be well above my goal of 50 books this year.   Once I hit the 50 new books I think I'll re-read a couple of old favourites.  I haven't re-read any books since 2011. I love to re-read too much, for a long time that's all I did. I never read anything new.

I've been making my own bread for the past week and it's been addictive.  I forgot how amazing fresh home made bread is.  It's so easy to make too.  I've been doing a  'no knead' recipe and I love how easy it is.  Just toss everything in a bowl and let it sit covered for 8+ hours then bake it.  The less effort something requires the better for me. lol
  • 3 cups flour
  • 3/4 tsp instant yeast
  • 1-1/4 tsp salt
  • 1.5 cups water
Mix it all together, I usually have to add a little more water, it should be very wet/shaggy/sticky.  Cover the bowl with a towel or plastic wrap and let it sit.

I prefer it loaf style so I  knead it a tiny bit.  When I am ready to bake it I add a bit more flour and knead it  a bit so I can fold it in to shape so it's not as sticky and then plop it in to the loaf pan (some don't even do that. They just plop it in as is).  If I have time I let it rise again 2 more hours in the loaf pan. Sometimes I bake it right away. Comes out good either way, just fluffier if I have time to let it rise again.

Bake in a 450F preheated oven for 30 min.  (or 15 min then turn it around and 15 more I'm too lazy for that.)

It's so so so good right out of the oven. I cut off both end pieces and hubby and I eat them slathered in butter.  The crust is just SO good when it's piping hot and crispy and soft.   It loses the crispy crust once it cools down, makes a really good sandwich bread the next day.

Took Nyx to the vet last week and vet said it looks like she is just suffering from seasonal allergies.  She's always been very twitchy skinned which is a sign of allergies but this is our first Winter living in a house with forced air heat.  We never even turned on our baseboard heat in the old apartment because being on the 6th floor was roasting. We often opened the balcony because we were too hot.

We got some steroids for her to take to help relieve the itchiness and let her scabs heal.  I picked up some wild salmon oil for her too since it can help relieve allergies and helps her skin and coat.  She's been much better since we started the steroids.

Rowland's birthday was yesterday. I fell bad because it was just another day. He had to work and I was up all day since George had a doc appointment so when he came home I just made dinner and went to bed because I had to work last night.  He had a 4 day weekend to celebrate though. He took Saturday and Wednesday off work. His sister Lottie and her girlfriend Samantha came over Saturday night for pizza, cake and video games.

Wednesday was just us, George went to daycare and we went out, got lunch and did some errands came home and indulged in some leisurely baby free adult fun lol.  We had Subway for dinner too, it was a nice day. So it's not so bad. It's not like we didn't do anything for his bday, we just didn't do it ON his bday.

George finally had his 2 year checkup almost 6 months late lol.  He was weighed and measured standing up like a big kid. No more laying down to get his length. Now we get his height.   He is 27 lbs and 2' 10" tall.    Doc was a somewhat concerned because he fell off his growth curve a bit.  More I think of it I think it might be because he isn't nursing anymore. He weaned on his 2nd birthday. Maybe he's working out a new growth curve without the boob juice? 

He eats non stop and poops around the clock though and just never stops moving. Typical 2 year old really so the lack of weight gain is likely just because of that.   We went across to the clinic to get his blood drawn anyway. We were already there, there wasn't a line and we were in and out so no biggie, If it's nothing he got 3 lollypops out of it. If there is an issue then we can fix it since we know.

He's been very whiny and tempermental today.  I think his 2 year molars are coming in, (he finally has ALL his teeth minus those last molars)  hoping he will be in better spirits tomorrow.
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We can make it if we try... )

Here's a pic of us from the early days... He looks so weird here without the beard.


Jan. 24th, 2013 12:05 pm
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My uncle Jack called yesterday to tell me that the rest of my money was available from my Nana's estate.  Last year I got $9000 and he told us once the taxes were done there would likely be a bit more. We thought maybe a couple hundredish... More like $2700!!!

I am totally in shock.   Total reboot for us that we needed.  I put $500 into a high interest savings account right away so I can't touch that.  I'm taking $1000 and paying off my Mastercard completely and then closing the account.  I had paid that one off last time ($5000!!)  and reduced the limit to $1000. Well a few small emergencies last year ended up racking it up again.  Then we ended up moving to a house totally out of the blue (We were not actively looking to move or saving/preparing to move. This just fell in our laps) so that ate up even more of our money.    Then I also seem to have this really awful habit where the worse our finances are the more I 'need' to spend?  What's up with that?

We've been doing a fine line of living in overdraft and slowly chipping off other debts. If just one thing went wrong we would have been beyond screwed... Then of course Christmas came and we did pretty good and stayed within the budget so at least we didn't make things worse.

I set up a budget that we can live with and we have been slowly working our way back to ground zero.... but this gave us a jumpstart we really needed.  A start to our savings, wiping out some credit.  Finally paying my mom back for all the moving expenses she helped us with when we were tapped out. and of course a tiny bit of extras. ;)

I spent a little bit today to get a coffee maker, a new blender and a kettle. Just a couple housewares I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.  I will be getting some clothes too. I need some new pants. I only have one pair. lol.  George is set for clothes until he outgrows 2t, which won't be for another year.  He might need 3T pants in the fall but that's it.  Rowland got a bunch of new things last year so he is set too.

Aside from that I will also be taking Nyx to the vet. Last week she got a scab on her back near the base of her tail... well this week now she has a couple scabs all over her back.  Not sure wtf that is about but I am SO SO SO grateful for this money coming in now because I was thinking the day before I didn't know how we could afford a vet visit right now.  I hated that so much. I hated being a pet owner who couldn't take care of my pet. That's not how I do things. 

I don't know how I let things get so out of hand for so long.  That's just so not like me at all.

Never again!
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I finished my first book series of 2013. I read the "Birthmarked" series and it was pretty good. The first book took me a week to read... I found it very slow going and wasn't too interested until the last couple chapters.  I read the second and third books in a couple days though. They were much more entertaining. 

I'm not especially fond of the heroine though.  More than one time I just wanted to punch her and tell her to shut the fuck up already.  I really liked her love interest though and he was the main reason I kept reading. I really disliked how stupid she was at times.

I didn't like the ending at all.  I wish she would have extended it by a few more chapters. It didn't feel as rushed as the ending to the Hunger Games at least, but I would have liked to see more of the outcome from everything she went through.

I'm reading the Uglies series now and so far I like it though I kind of want it to go a different direction than I expect it will.

I went to see Les Miserables with my mom last night. I love love loved it. It was so good.  I felt almost just like when I saw it on stage in Detroit when I was 15. It was missing the fun of dressing up and just... that something special about seeing a musical performed live in front of you.  But it was still good.

I bought George a little Jeep doll stroller I found at Value Village for $6. He found it this morning and was SO excited. He put his bear Jeeves in it and when we were ready to go to daycare he started to bring the stroller. At first I said no but he was so cute I gave in.  He pushed it alllll the way there and kissed and hugged Jeeves goodbye before I had to bring it back home lol.

I also finally made myself a new LJ layout... Christmas is finally over... until November. :P

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The plumber guy was here today to rip up the basement.  He had an accent and not very good English and made it sound like he was ripping up most of the basement. It ended up just being a small little corner. I worked last night so I was not looking forward to jack hammers all day... Turns out it was only 10 minutes of jackhammers and they were done by 11am.  George's jumping and cheering all day interrupted my sleep way more. :P

Our kitty, Nyx walked over the fresh cement and left tiny kitty pawprints. SO cute. I love it.  I love prints embedded in cement. :)

When I came home from work Saturday morning I found Christmas was gone. Rowland took down everything and put it away.  I miss it. They were so pretty and now the living room feels empty and the one corner seems so dark. Less than 11 months and it goes back up! :D

I set up a budget for the next few months. Hoping we can stick to it. My biggest goal is to put at least 10% of our paychecks in to savings.   My goals are to not be paycheck to paycheck within a year. Pay off the rest of our credit cards and student loans in the next 5 years and save up 10-20% downpayment for a house within the next 10 years.  

rambling about potential future house buying )

George has become such an interesting little boy. He is entering the stage where he doesn't stop talking. His vocabulary is exploding every week though he still speaks a lot of gibberish. 

He has friends at daycare and talks about them all the time and asks to go to 'school' (as we call it) all the time so he can see his friends.  He even has a little girlfriend named Charlotte who it just as crazy about him. It's adorable.

He is starting to get really in to imaginary play. He has me tie his blankie around his shoulders so he can be Batman and he throws his arms up to make his blankie cape flow out behind him.  Kills me everytime. He even does the deep Batman voice and runs around saying "I'm Batman!!"

He hasn't made much headway with potty training but he does try at daycare. He really likes their little toilets. Here he has to use the big toilet or a potty chair and he doesn't like either. Not as awesome as a little toilet just his size.  He tells me when he poops and when he needs a diaper change but has zero interest in doing anything on the potty. 

He's telling me he needs a change now so I guess I have to end this here. :P 

If anyone else is joining dreamwidth my username there is still jaleco.  I am posting all entries now from Dreamwidth and just cross posting them to LJ with their handy cross post option. :)


Jan. 5th, 2013 03:25 pm
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This year I want to finish the few items I still have on the needles. I only have 2 scarves that need to be finished.

This chevron striped scarf I started in August 2009. I'd say it's 75% done right now.

...and the Marijke Scarf I started in August 2010 when I was pregnant and near to bursting with George. I honestly can't remember how far I am on this scarf... it's been a while since I took it out.

I have one other scarf that I started last year but I am undecided if I want to continue with it. I'd like it to be for my mom and while the yarn is perfect for her I am not sure the pattern is.

Last year I managed to finish a couple things finally. I finished up my nephew's baby blanket over Christmas. I also finished my rainbow hat and made a rainbow hat for George with the leftover yarn since he insisted on stealing mine constantly.

I'm bummed I only finished 3 projects in 2012. Though the blanket was a huge project on it's own... but the one hat was already half done and I finished George's in a day. I have a lot of left over yarn from the blanket I'd like to turn in to things for George. Maybe a sweater? Maybe that will be my 'big' project for 2012. A hand knit sweater for my boy.

My nephew Drake with his new blankie. He found it nomable. That's good enough for me!

+1 more pic of the full blanket and 1 of the hat )


Jan. 3rd, 2013 12:13 pm
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One of our pipes collapsed and now we have water in the basement.  The basement floor has to be ripped up so it can be fixed. 

 The plumber who came out today managed to get some water to flow through so we have some time to get it fixed. He doesn't know how long it will last though. A few days or a few weeks.  We have to go easy on the water until it's fixed.  The guy who would handle the outside stuff is out hunting until the 10th, my landlord leaves for a 10 day cruise on Saturday.... who knows when this will finally get started and how long it will take to finish.

He said if it gets worse we will have raw sewage coming up and if that happens we will have to stay someplace else. REALLY hope that doesn't happen.  Thinking of being extremist and doing dishes camping style in a rubbermaid bin and dumping the water outside. Only letting toilet and shower water go down the drains.... do laundry in small loads on delicate so the water spins out slowly.... or maybe just going to a laundromat.... we'll see.

So I'm going to wash the diapers we've used this week and keep George in disposables until it's fixed.

edit:  Woot, she managed to find someone. They are coming by now to check it out to give a quote to my landlord. Said he will begin work Monday morning.  My landlord said he mentioned we couldn't live in the house while this was going on but she wasn't sure. I will ask him myself. We have no where to go so ya... we will be here. :P


Jan. 3rd, 2013 11:22 am
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I'm testing a switch to Dreamwidth as LJ is driving me nuts.

I've already set up my account and it even let me port over ALL my LJ stuff so I didn't lose all my entries. It even lets me post to both DW and LJ at the same time so for any flisties who don't want to switch they can still see my posts. :D

I will still read my LJ friends list religiously. So far I am liking DW a lot. It is exactly like the better older versions of LJ but in red and white instead of blue... and it's not slow and glitchy and annoying!

This is a test post to see how it posts to LJ too. :)

edit: of course, if LJ is having issues the crosspost won't work. :P  let's try this again.
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So after she went to bed last night, and I cleaned up all; the stuff she threw around and lined her stuff up so she could find it in the morning, I chatted with Manda online... She happened to make a comment, that I had JUST noticed myself... "Katie was on your phone all day calling people" and right before she said that, I looked down at my cell phone and saw it was plugged in charging... well in an attempt to charge... The battery was at nilch, and I had JUST charged it the day before. I adjusted the plug so that it was charging properly, and checked the called numbers list... She called at least 10 people (my list only goes up to ten). Talking for a good 30 min at a time. Manda told me that she talked to Brian for forever (45 min) and when he realized she was on my phone he let her go (thanks brian!) If she went over my minutes she's definately paying for them.

I left my phone here so she could call someone in case of emergency... what if she hurt herself or there was a fire, or something happened and she had to call me or 911... I couldn't leave her in a death trap with no access.... and since I was at my moms doing laundry I had a phone there... so I figured why not. She was supposed to nap till 4:15 anyways. She called Brian 5 min after I left my home... I wasn't even on the bus yet!

I called her at 4:15 and found it odd that A) She was with Brian... and B) She had to let me go coz my battery was dying... yet she called someone 10 min later and talked for 15 min...

This girl has definately worn her welcome with me, and it started last year... So much for best friends. She only wants me when she needs me... and then she takes advantage.
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Well I didn't want a house guest this evening and for the most part I didn't... but I am serving as a hotel.

Katie needed a place to crash so she would be able to get to work on time (6am) and since she lives like an hours bus ride on the other side of the city, and the first bus would get her to work 30 min late... I relunctantly, but nicely agreed to let her stay the night.

Now I had no problem having her come over and hang out, I just -really- dislike sleepovers... weather they stay here or invite me over... i don't care... unless your gonna snuggle me and bring me flowers, I want everyone to retire to their own homes and beds when the party ends.

So Katie arrived at 12:00pm ... (I told her 2pm coz I wanted to sleep after work) whatever I get up and gather my laundry. She says she will be napping for a couple hours while I go to mom's to do laundry. That's fine, she set the alarm but asked me to call her and make sure she's awake so she will be able to sleep tonight.

I call at 4:15 to see if she's up and she says she never went to sleep and she is now with Brian... So alright, I finish my laundry and get home at 6:30 and Katie is back and all bouncy saying she still hasn't slept and she talked to her friend Heather who told her to go out for dinner... and to invite brian... no mention of me.. whatever.... So Katie leaves at 7:30 for dinner with heather, and she came home around 12:15... Completely intoxicated and I feel like an overprotective parent... and I say well.. you can get at least 4 hours sleep...and she laughed. She gave me her big mac and coke tho before stumbling into my bed. I had set up the bed for her... alarm set, fans on... so all she had to do was sleep... Of course now I will either stay up till 5am, or get a couple hours sleep before she gets up and wakes me up... we'll see what happens.

So much for "hey let's hang out on friday. I'll come over early and we can watch soaps and Mean Girls and play sega!"

At least I am an accomodating friend... even if I am a slightly annoyed one.


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