Jan. 3rd, 2013


Jan. 3rd, 2013 11:22 am
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I'm testing a switch to Dreamwidth as LJ is driving me nuts.

I've already set up my account and it even let me port over ALL my LJ stuff so I didn't lose all my entries. It even lets me post to both DW and LJ at the same time so for any flisties who don't want to switch they can still see my posts. :D

I will still read my LJ friends list religiously. So far I am liking DW a lot. It is exactly like the better older versions of LJ but in red and white instead of blue... and it's not slow and glitchy and annoying!

This is a test post to see how it posts to LJ too. :)

edit: of course, if LJ is having issues the crosspost won't work. :P  let's try this again.


Jan. 3rd, 2013 12:13 pm
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One of our pipes collapsed and now we have water in the basement.  The basement floor has to be ripped up so it can be fixed. 

 The plumber who came out today managed to get some water to flow through so we have some time to get it fixed. He doesn't know how long it will last though. A few days or a few weeks.  We have to go easy on the water until it's fixed.  The guy who would handle the outside stuff is out hunting until the 10th, my landlord leaves for a 10 day cruise on Saturday.... who knows when this will finally get started and how long it will take to finish.

He said if it gets worse we will have raw sewage coming up and if that happens we will have to stay someplace else. REALLY hope that doesn't happen.  Thinking of being extremist and doing dishes camping style in a rubbermaid bin and dumping the water outside. Only letting toilet and shower water go down the drains.... do laundry in small loads on delicate so the water spins out slowly.... or maybe just going to a laundromat.... we'll see.

So I'm going to wash the diapers we've used this week and keep George in disposables until it's fixed.

edit:  Woot, she managed to find someone. They are coming by now to check it out to give a quote to my landlord. Said he will begin work Monday morning.  My landlord said he mentioned we couldn't live in the house while this was going on but she wasn't sure. I will ask him myself. We have no where to go so ya... we will be here. :P


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