Apr. 24th, 2013


Apr. 24th, 2013 04:08 pm
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This kid is under the weather today. I didn't realize it at first but he was shaking this morning after he ate and wanted to cuddle. He felt warm and was a bit whiney. Decided to keep him home today.  Right after he went and started playing with his 'guys' and was having a good time so I thought I jumped the gun... but then at 10:30 he was begging me to take a nap.  He doesn't do that unless he feels like poop.   He's been whiny  and temperamental all afternoon and a little cuddly.

This post may be cut short because he came to me tearfully asking to 'sit with mommy?" and then brought his Geeves, his Spiderman blanket and is now laying on me and I am typing on his bum. He doesn't love it. lol  Poor guy.

Ever since we got him a moon night light he's been sleeping reallllly well. He was coming to our bed as early as 11pm to 2am. Lately though he will sleep well past 4 am, several times I will come home from work and he is still in his room. Yesterday he didn't come to our bed until  7am, today it was at 6am.

We finally got him a haircut yesterday and he looks so cute. He sat perfectly still for the entire cut. I sometimes just can't get over how much he is growing up.  He has more patience and tolerance for things he didn't before. I'm biased but I think he is a pretty great kid.

Still no progress with potty training aside from a mild interest in underwear. It's cute to see his scrawny tush in Spidernan undies. I wish I could find Batman ones in his size but they are always sold out of 2t.

He's really in to counting and numbers. He can count to 5 easily and knows his numbers up to 12. I've only heard him count 1-12 twice now. He pretty much just counts 1-5 and then randomly will count 6-12. He really likes to line things up and sort them by colour and count them.  We have recangular word magnets on the fridge make sentences and he has them all lined up in columns. Sometimes he switches it to a big long line. When he was at my mom's for the night on Friday he dumped out a bunch of different toys and coloured bowls and sorted the toys by colour in to each bowl. He was sad he didn't have a blue bowl so my mom gave him a blue plate lol.

I'm thinking for his birthday we will get him building blocks (not lego kind.) and toys he can line up/count/organize.

It's killing my arms to type around this kid so I'll end this here. :)


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