Jan. 7th, 2013

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The plumber guy was here today to rip up the basement.  He had an accent and not very good English and made it sound like he was ripping up most of the basement. It ended up just being a small little corner. I worked last night so I was not looking forward to jack hammers all day... Turns out it was only 10 minutes of jackhammers and they were done by 11am.  George's jumping and cheering all day interrupted my sleep way more. :P

Our kitty, Nyx walked over the fresh cement and left tiny kitty pawprints. SO cute. I love it.  I love prints embedded in cement. :)

When I came home from work Saturday morning I found Christmas was gone. Rowland took down everything and put it away.  I miss it. They were so pretty and now the living room feels empty and the one corner seems so dark. Less than 11 months and it goes back up! :D

I set up a budget for the next few months. Hoping we can stick to it. My biggest goal is to put at least 10% of our paychecks in to savings.   My goals are to not be paycheck to paycheck within a year. Pay off the rest of our credit cards and student loans in the next 5 years and save up 10-20% downpayment for a house within the next 10 years.  

rambling about potential future house buying )

George has become such an interesting little boy. He is entering the stage where he doesn't stop talking. His vocabulary is exploding every week though he still speaks a lot of gibberish. 

He has friends at daycare and talks about them all the time and asks to go to 'school' (as we call it) all the time so he can see his friends.  He even has a little girlfriend named Charlotte who it just as crazy about him. It's adorable.

He is starting to get really in to imaginary play. He has me tie his blankie around his shoulders so he can be Batman and he throws his arms up to make his blankie cape flow out behind him.  Kills me everytime. He even does the deep Batman voice and runs around saying "I'm Batman!!"

He hasn't made much headway with potty training but he does try at daycare. He really likes their little toilets. Here he has to use the big toilet or a potty chair and he doesn't like either. Not as awesome as a little toilet just his size.  He tells me when he poops and when he needs a diaper change but has zero interest in doing anything on the potty. 

He's telling me he needs a change now so I guess I have to end this here. :P 

If anyone else is joining dreamwidth my username there is still jaleco.  I am posting all entries now from Dreamwidth and just cross posting them to LJ with their handy cross post option. :)


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