Feb. 1st, 2013

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Finally finished the Pretties series this morning.  I think I will fondly remember it as a trilogy and pretend the 4th book never happened.  It was originally a trilogy.  

I don't know why he bothered with a 4th book. It was just beyond awful, different characters with a minor appearance by the original characters... lame storyline that went no where and just overall had no point. The main Character was the most annoying person ever. About on par with Bella from Twilight but in a different way.   It took me over a week to slog through that book because it was just so bad I would avoid reading it. When I did read it I'd skip over some pages just to end if faster.

But I did finish bringing me to 7 books read in January.  Pretty good for me I think.  If I can keep that up I will be well above my goal of 50 books this year.   Once I hit the 50 new books I think I'll re-read a couple of old favourites.  I haven't re-read any books since 2011. I love to re-read too much, for a long time that's all I did. I never read anything new.

I've been making my own bread for the past week and it's been addictive.  I forgot how amazing fresh home made bread is.  It's so easy to make too.  I've been doing a  'no knead' recipe and I love how easy it is.  Just toss everything in a bowl and let it sit covered for 8+ hours then bake it.  The less effort something requires the better for me. lol
  • 3 cups flour
  • 3/4 tsp instant yeast
  • 1-1/4 tsp salt
  • 1.5 cups water
Mix it all together, I usually have to add a little more water, it should be very wet/shaggy/sticky.  Cover the bowl with a towel or plastic wrap and let it sit.

I prefer it loaf style so I  knead it a tiny bit.  When I am ready to bake it I add a bit more flour and knead it  a bit so I can fold it in to shape so it's not as sticky and then plop it in to the loaf pan (some don't even do that. They just plop it in as is).  If I have time I let it rise again 2 more hours in the loaf pan. Sometimes I bake it right away. Comes out good either way, just fluffier if I have time to let it rise again.

Bake in a 450F preheated oven for 30 min.  (or 15 min then turn it around and 15 more I'm too lazy for that.)

It's so so so good right out of the oven. I cut off both end pieces and hubby and I eat them slathered in butter.  The crust is just SO good when it's piping hot and crispy and soft.   It loses the crispy crust once it cools down, makes a really good sandwich bread the next day.

Took Nyx to the vet last week and vet said it looks like she is just suffering from seasonal allergies.  She's always been very twitchy skinned which is a sign of allergies but this is our first Winter living in a house with forced air heat.  We never even turned on our baseboard heat in the old apartment because being on the 6th floor was roasting. We often opened the balcony because we were too hot.

We got some steroids for her to take to help relieve the itchiness and let her scabs heal.  I picked up some wild salmon oil for her too since it can help relieve allergies and helps her skin and coat.  She's been much better since we started the steroids.

Rowland's birthday was yesterday. I fell bad because it was just another day. He had to work and I was up all day since George had a doc appointment so when he came home I just made dinner and went to bed because I had to work last night.  He had a 4 day weekend to celebrate though. He took Saturday and Wednesday off work. His sister Lottie and her girlfriend Samantha came over Saturday night for pizza, cake and video games.

Wednesday was just us, George went to daycare and we went out, got lunch and did some errands came home and indulged in some leisurely baby free adult fun lol.  We had Subway for dinner too, it was a nice day. So it's not so bad. It's not like we didn't do anything for his bday, we just didn't do it ON his bday.

George finally had his 2 year checkup almost 6 months late lol.  He was weighed and measured standing up like a big kid. No more laying down to get his length. Now we get his height.   He is 27 lbs and 2' 10" tall.    Doc was a somewhat concerned because he fell off his growth curve a bit.  More I think of it I think it might be because he isn't nursing anymore. He weaned on his 2nd birthday. Maybe he's working out a new growth curve without the boob juice? 

He eats non stop and poops around the clock though and just never stops moving. Typical 2 year old really so the lack of weight gain is likely just because of that.   We went across to the clinic to get his blood drawn anyway. We were already there, there wasn't a line and we were in and out so no biggie, If it's nothing he got 3 lollypops out of it. If there is an issue then we can fix it since we know.

He's been very whiny and tempermental today.  I think his 2 year molars are coming in, (he finally has ALL his teeth minus those last molars)  hoping he will be in better spirits tomorrow.


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