Jan. 5th, 2013


Jan. 5th, 2013 03:25 pm
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This year I want to finish the few items I still have on the needles. I only have 2 scarves that need to be finished.

This chevron striped scarf I started in August 2009. I'd say it's 75% done right now.

...and the Marijke Scarf I started in August 2010 when I was pregnant and near to bursting with George. I honestly can't remember how far I am on this scarf... it's been a while since I took it out.

I have one other scarf that I started last year but I am undecided if I want to continue with it. I'd like it to be for my mom and while the yarn is perfect for her I am not sure the pattern is.

Last year I managed to finish a couple things finally. I finished up my nephew's baby blanket over Christmas. I also finished my rainbow hat and made a rainbow hat for George with the leftover yarn since he insisted on stealing mine constantly.

I'm bummed I only finished 3 projects in 2012. Though the blanket was a huge project on it's own... but the one hat was already half done and I finished George's in a day. I have a lot of left over yarn from the blanket I'd like to turn in to things for George. Maybe a sweater? Maybe that will be my 'big' project for 2012. A hand knit sweater for my boy.

My nephew Drake with his new blankie. He found it nomable. That's good enough for me!

+1 more pic of the full blanket and 1 of the hat )


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