Feb. 20th, 2013


Feb. 20th, 2013 11:35 am
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My sweet Batty is dying. 

We've decided to do our best to make him comfortable for now.  He will be 10 this year so he is considered elderly.  We've had it looked in to but given how quickly and suddenly his health declined we decided not to press for anything invasive. The general consensus was much like what happened with Boots. "He's very sick, we could do invasive procedures that MIGHT reveal what is wrong but given his age and state of health now they don't recommend it."

It just hurts how FAST and sudden this all came on. One minute he was fine and the next second he's suddenly a bag of bones.

We've decided to let him end his days at home with us and try to make him as comfortable as possible rather than euthanasia at this point.   We decided this solely on his personality. He has always been an especially skiddish cat. My ex and my brother both abused him and scared the crap out of him for gun when he was a kitten. Everything terrifies him.  He's even skittish with Rowland and Me if we move too quickly or talk too loudly. Vet visits are torture to him.

I just can't bear for his last moments to be filled with such terror.  We've worked so hard to give him a home he feels safe in. To treat him gently and sweetly like he needs.   

It's such a rock and a hard place.... but we both agree this feels like the right way to go for Batty.

He seems to want to be near us. He has set up camp primarily at the foot of our bed.  Though he moves between there, the kitchen chairs and George's bed.   He's still drinking water but I haven't seen him eat anything.  Yesterday I got him some turkey and cheese wet food. The only kind he likes.. He licked up a bit of the gravy at least. I keep offering him more but he hasn't touched it.

We brought a litter box up to our room for him so he doesn't have to worry about going down to the basement.  So far despite being lathargic and deathly skinny he is still Batty.  He still hangs out with me in the morning when I come home looking eagerly at me to pet him.  He still gets excited about a grocery bag turned in to a ball, though he doesn't chase them anymore... he still wants our company.

He's still our Batty, at least for a little bit longer.


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