Jan. 24th, 2013


Jan. 24th, 2013 12:05 pm
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My uncle Jack called yesterday to tell me that the rest of my money was available from my Nana's estate.  Last year I got $9000 and he told us once the taxes were done there would likely be a bit more. We thought maybe a couple hundredish... More like $2700!!!

I am totally in shock.   Total reboot for us that we needed.  I put $500 into a high interest savings account right away so I can't touch that.  I'm taking $1000 and paying off my Mastercard completely and then closing the account.  I had paid that one off last time ($5000!!)  and reduced the limit to $1000. Well a few small emergencies last year ended up racking it up again.  Then we ended up moving to a house totally out of the blue (We were not actively looking to move or saving/preparing to move. This just fell in our laps) so that ate up even more of our money.    Then I also seem to have this really awful habit where the worse our finances are the more I 'need' to spend?  What's up with that?

We've been doing a fine line of living in overdraft and slowly chipping off other debts. If just one thing went wrong we would have been beyond screwed... Then of course Christmas came and we did pretty good and stayed within the budget so at least we didn't make things worse.

I set up a budget that we can live with and we have been slowly working our way back to ground zero.... but this gave us a jumpstart we really needed.  A start to our savings, wiping out some credit.  Finally paying my mom back for all the moving expenses she helped us with when we were tapped out. and of course a tiny bit of extras. ;)

I spent a little bit today to get a coffee maker, a new blender and a kettle. Just a couple housewares I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.  I will be getting some clothes too. I need some new pants. I only have one pair. lol.  George is set for clothes until he outgrows 2t, which won't be for another year.  He might need 3T pants in the fall but that's it.  Rowland got a bunch of new things last year so he is set too.

Aside from that I will also be taking Nyx to the vet. Last week she got a scab on her back near the base of her tail... well this week now she has a couple scabs all over her back.  Not sure wtf that is about but I am SO SO SO grateful for this money coming in now because I was thinking the day before I didn't know how we could afford a vet visit right now.  I hated that so much. I hated being a pet owner who couldn't take care of my pet. That's not how I do things. 

I don't know how I let things get so out of hand for so long.  That's just so not like me at all.

Never again!


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