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2013-03-23 11:44 am


I haven't posted in a while. I want to post more but there is so little to post about. I work, I sleep. It's still cold outside and George is not a fan aside from getting to wear boots lol. Even worse than cold to him is snow. He hates snow.  It's been a very dull winter inside. Maybe next year he will be more in to it?  I hope so. I love winter.


George is having allergy issues again suddenly and we are pretty sure it's dairy again? But we can't figure out if we are slipping up or if there is more allergies.  He started breaking out in hives a few weeks ago, all over his face and arms.  Cut out dairy, no more hives exactly but he still gets rashy in his cheeks. I am pretty positive that is just a reaction from me kissing him since I still have dairy and I often drink coffee with cream in it when I wake up.  

This is frustrating. He was fine for a while. He could eat cheese fine but suddenly he can't.  I feel bad because he loves cheese.  We ordered some pizza shortly after cutting out dairy for him and poor kid was so excited.... screaming YAY PIZZA!!! Felt bad he couldn't have any.  I picked up some daiya "cheese" and will make him his own mini pizza today. I got him some almond yogurt and he doesn't notice a difference between that and the dairy kind so he is happy. He loves yogurt.


I'm getting really excited for Easter this year.  I booked off Good Friday and Easter Sunday so I will have a nice long weekend. Rowland has Friday off too so we will do the egg hunt then since he has to work on Sunday.

We got a small plush Psyduck pokemon for George's Easter basket and I ordered him Ash's pokemon hat from season 1. I wanted to get him a raincoat but I can't find any dinosaur ones to match his blue dino rainboots. I might just give in and get him the Spiderman one from Old Navy.    My sisters-in-law will be coming over too as they got some things for him including a Sonic the Hedgehog hoodie. He will be SO geeked... literally. lol  We also got him a couple of those feel and touch animal books. One about cats and one about farm animals and I got him a Batman coilouring book.

All I need to do now is get some grass for his basket, crayons, plastic eggs, bubbles, jellybeans and a kite. It isn't Easter without a new kite. 


I'm getting excited about gardening this year. My daffodils and tulips are already sprouting through.  I am going to get some seeds and start them inside sometime in Aoril. From what I've been reading I think planting during the Victoria day weekend will be ideal. Give me time to get organized. Probably a little bit later than I could plant but it gives the soil time to warm up.   I'm sure my first attempt at gardening will be a big mess but I am trying to be positive and plan as best I can.


I beat the newest Tomb Raider game and I really enjoyed it for the most part. It was a little too combat heavy for my tastes and the final boss didn't seem like it was THE boss. I'd like more puzzles. There weren't enough and the few that were there were very minor.