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So after she went to bed last night, and I cleaned up all; the stuff she threw around and lined her stuff up so she could find it in the morning, I chatted with Manda online... She happened to make a comment, that I had JUST noticed myself... "Katie was on your phone all day calling people" and right before she said that, I looked down at my cell phone and saw it was plugged in charging... well in an attempt to charge... The battery was at nilch, and I had JUST charged it the day before. I adjusted the plug so that it was charging properly, and checked the called numbers list... She called at least 10 people (my list only goes up to ten). Talking for a good 30 min at a time. Manda told me that she talked to Brian for forever (45 min) and when he realized she was on my phone he let her go (thanks brian!) If she went over my minutes she's definately paying for them.

I left my phone here so she could call someone in case of emergency... what if she hurt herself or there was a fire, or something happened and she had to call me or 911... I couldn't leave her in a death trap with no access.... and since I was at my moms doing laundry I had a phone there... so I figured why not. She was supposed to nap till 4:15 anyways. She called Brian 5 min after I left my home... I wasn't even on the bus yet!

I called her at 4:15 and found it odd that A) She was with Brian... and B) She had to let me go coz my battery was dying... yet she called someone 10 min later and talked for 15 min...

This girl has definately worn her welcome with me, and it started last year... So much for best friends. She only wants me when she needs me... and then she takes advantage.
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Well I didn't want a house guest this evening and for the most part I didn't... but I am serving as a hotel.

Katie needed a place to crash so she would be able to get to work on time (6am) and since she lives like an hours bus ride on the other side of the city, and the first bus would get her to work 30 min late... I relunctantly, but nicely agreed to let her stay the night.

Now I had no problem having her come over and hang out, I just -really- dislike sleepovers... weather they stay here or invite me over... i don't care... unless your gonna snuggle me and bring me flowers, I want everyone to retire to their own homes and beds when the party ends.

So Katie arrived at 12:00pm ... (I told her 2pm coz I wanted to sleep after work) whatever I get up and gather my laundry. She says she will be napping for a couple hours while I go to mom's to do laundry. That's fine, she set the alarm but asked me to call her and make sure she's awake so she will be able to sleep tonight.

I call at 4:15 to see if she's up and she says she never went to sleep and she is now with Brian... So alright, I finish my laundry and get home at 6:30 and Katie is back and all bouncy saying she still hasn't slept and she talked to her friend Heather who told her to go out for dinner... and to invite brian... no mention of me.. whatever.... So Katie leaves at 7:30 for dinner with heather, and she came home around 12:15... Completely intoxicated and I feel like an overprotective parent... and I say well.. you can get at least 4 hours sleep...and she laughed. She gave me her big mac and coke tho before stumbling into my bed. I had set up the bed for her... alarm set, fans on... so all she had to do was sleep... Of course now I will either stay up till 5am, or get a couple hours sleep before she gets up and wakes me up... we'll see what happens.

So much for "hey let's hang out on friday. I'll come over early and we can watch soaps and Mean Girls and play sega!"

At least I am an accomodating friend... even if I am a slightly annoyed one.


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