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I broke my left wrist! so forgive my sporadic capitalization. i am typing one handed and only capitalize when i can do so easily.

slipped and fell on ice friday morning. i knew instantly i broke it. it wasnt the pain, i didnt feel a snap or a pop. but it was the very sharp and sudden absence of all feeling that made it obvious.  the moment i landed on it so so so hard, it should have hurt. a lot. it didnt. my arm was instantly numb. the pain came shortly later in waves and throbs and also sharp and stabbing. but it was never as intense as id imagine a break to be. it wasnt a nasty sports injury type tho, so maybe thats why?n regardless i am grateful. ive never broken a bone before and its always been one of my rational fears,

i had to call rowland to come get me. i wiped out right outside Faces (a bar) just a few minutes walk from home. it was 6:20ish am and dark and people were driving by but no one stopped. i was surrounded b ice and even with 2 hands would need to crawl over to the road to stand up. no way i could do that with one hand. especially since my one hand was needed to support my broken wrist.

he ran to me in 2 min flat. george was still sleeping thank god. we were back home before 10 min had even passed. hated doing it but no one else lives close enough to us.

once g was in daycare we went to the hospital.   we got there pretty early and were seen fast. i was admitted, examined, xrayed and consulted within 2 hours, it got very stupid busy t this point though. i had an iv prepped and was told we were just waiting for a room to set the bone... it took over 5 hours to get in to this room. i was the 6th break to come in that day and there were lots more after me.  the day before we had a thaw and freezing rain so friday was just an ice rink everywhere.

the hardest part was that i had been awake since 9am the day before. i ended up passing out during the big canada/usa hockey game. that would have been fun to watch. i was awake for boring speedskating though lol

they gave me happy drugs for the setting. it was great.  finally got to go home sometime after 6:30. we went to burgerking and i destroyed a double whopper and onion rings. (i had not eaten since the small fry i had on my first break at 11:30pm the night before)  i then immediately passed out. horrible sleep.

had to get up at stupid o'clock to go to the fracture clinic. normally the fracture clinic takes about an hour. it was so jam packed i was there for 4 hours. i love my sisters in law so much.  Sam picked me up and stayed with me all day  and lottie watched george so row didnt have to miss more work. they even had an ice coffee in the car for me.   when we left the hospital we got lunch and then hair cuts. i just could not handle my bum length hair with one hand. its really short mow. just below chin length, a tad shorter than shoulder length.

im off work till sunday. have to go bak to the hospital fracture clinic for another xray on thursday. they warned me to be prepared to be there all day. whoop.

this legit sucks. i'm right handed thank god but holy crap do i use my left hand a lot. i can barely do anything for myself. i can just barely dress myself but no real bras or jeans. just my pajama bra and pj pants. i have to bring g to daycare tomorrow and i cant even do up his coat. should be interesting. worst part was i started my period same day this happened. figuring out pads one handed is a very messy trial and error process.. 

rowland has been amazing doing everything. cooking, cleaning caring for me.

im in the cast for 6 weeks and then another 6 weeks or so of therapy. i contacted a lawyer. the sidewalk outside of Faces has not been shoveled or salted once this entire winter.

i wasnt going to pursue legal action but as more time passes the more i realize how much this sucks and its just starting. if there are complications  i could need surgery, lose more time from work. im at an increased risk of arthritis now. what if i cant knit or play video games because of this?  my aunt had a similar issue and now her arm is just dead weight on her body. cant do anything with it because of a complication. so since this could have been avoided if they just shoveled or salted... ya im suing.   Oh but they finally did both on MONDAY! seriously.  i walk past every damn day and not once but after i break my wrist? yup salted and shoveled. bleh.

i am so ready for bed again. there is almost no pain at all. . i only take meds at night so i can sleep. i am just exhausted alllll the time. which is fine really since i cant do anything but read and watch tv. i cant knit or play games.. so may as well sleep.

George drew me a "princess"

poor broken radius.


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