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I've been sorely slacking on my reading lately. I've read a couple duds and it's put me off new books.  I tend to just play Sudoku on my Kobo instead of reading.  

The biggest problem is that I don't have a style I really like over any other. I kind of read a mishmash of things... I seem to just be hitting on the biggest duds lately. Good Reads so far has been a terrible place for book recommendations. So now I just feel so jaded. I don't want to take the time to get invested in another new book just to be bored or annoyed.  I have a big list of books to read and none of them seem appealing right now.

 I really, really hope Allegiant is good when it comes out later this year.  Divergent and Insurgent were SO good. They had me hooked and invested and just... I loved them. I loved the characters. If Allegiant doesn't wrap it up nicely I might cry. So many series just crap out in the last book and I hate that.

I might try to read another Jane Austen... I love love love the Bronte sisters books so I figured I'd like Austen. I absolutely HATED Pride and Prejudice. I do not get the Mr. Darcy love at all. I couldn't even finish it I was so annoyed.  Maybe I'll try a different book and see if I like that any better. I'm in the mood for something old. I might re-read Jane Eyre first just so I know I'll be reading something I love..

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