Aug. 6th, 2014

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Severe baby fever today.  A friend just had her second little baby and he is so so perfect. We were pregnant at the same time last time around and I remember sobbing like a little baby when she delivered  last time but I could blame that on pregnancy hormones and being excited to meet my own.   Sobbed like a baby again this time and I'll blame that on period hormones combined with severe baby fever. The pictures are too much. He is so beautiful and newborn squishy.

Cue more crying as George just jumped in front of me his arms outstretched and said "Look mommy! I am bigger now! I am so bigger! I'll be big like you!"    

Yes kiddo, you are bigger. You are too big too soon and will be even bigger even sooner. Makes my heart swell with pride to see it but boy does the swelling pinch just a bit.

I can count at least 10 friends who are pregnant right now. Probably more. On top of that my bestie is actively trying to get pregnant which makes me SO SO SO happy... and I am very sure my brother and his wife will announce a baby on the way before the year is out, (I'll be very surprised if they don't,)

Rowland mentioning in passing that he'd be ok with an "Act of God Baby" doesn't help right now. Right now I am praying for an Act Of God Baby like you wouldn't believe. 

Next week I'll be ok.


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