Aug. 14th, 2013

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We got George some Pull Ups for use when sleeping since that's the only time he is in a diaper and 9 times out of 10 as soon as the diaper is on he says he has to pee and he has to go take it all off and start over.  We told him it was "Special Underwear" and not a diaper.

He loves them. Loves the car on them, loves that they are his special sleeping underwear. Today he pulled one out and put it on all by himself then put his pants back on and has been in it all day with no accidents. Still used the potty which we have now moved to the bathroom (next step will be switching to the big potty). He was even dry through his nap! 2nd day in a row.

He won't do this in actual underwear. He just pees in those so we've been doing loose pants with no undies. He had a small regression when we introduced pants but finally pushed through that.

Any tips I get when it comes to potty training I just need to do the opposite it seems.
  • "Do sticker charts!" someone told me.  He HATED those. Stickers made him so mad. 
  • "Never give candy!" another said... well it worked. I won't argue with results. It was only for the first week that he was nomming on candy non stop. 
  • "NEVER EVER use Pull Ups" sooo many have told me "It'll cause a regression!" they said!  Well... :P
This list could go on and on haha.  I think the moral of the story is kids are fucking weird. Don't try to understand it but go along with what works. They will regress but in the end they won't be gong to college in diapers.   

Why is it so hard to keep sight of that?


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