May. 22nd, 2013

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I had such a great Victoria Day Weekend. I booked off the Friday and the Sunday night so I got to do what I want. 

I slept most of the day in effort to get back to daytime schedule. Didn't do much really.

I got up bright and early with George. I did laundry and hung it on the line. We spent a lot of time outside in the yard.  When he was napping I made some peanut butter cookies.  And when he woke up I took him to the nearby rec center to go swimming. He was so excited to go.  

Once we were in the pool he was terrified. He was shivering like crazy and I was unsure if it was cause the pool was a bit cool or out of fear. Maybe both.  At first he kept saying "No, no, no!" but I just kept holding on tight and brought him in further.  After a bit he relaxed a little. He liked getting splashed and he loved watching people dive off the high diving board.   As long as I held on to him really tight he was ok.

We found an orange pool noodle and he held on to that and started to ease up on me. I still had to hold tight though. He liked when I would jump and swirl around.  By the end of the hour he was letting me hold him out away from me so he could kick and I would swoosh  him around on his belly.  I think I'll get a season pass and take him every Saturday. I want him to be comfy with big pools. I'll see if they offer toddler swimming lessons too.

I was EXHAUSTED by dinner time. We spent so much time outside, walking, swimming and in the direct sunshine that my body was just mush. I had a mild sunburn that made me feel feverish and chilly and super itchy.  I ended up passing out HARD on the couch by 6pm. Rowland made burgers for dinner and I was in bed by 9.


Woke up bright and early again. I saw [ profile] rockthecrown posted on facebook about an early morning Dunkin's walk and I thought that was a brilliant idea.  I asked George if he wanted to "Go Crazy" with me and he was all excited to go.  (Going Crazy is something my mom did with us as kids. Could be anything from a small walk to a big adventure. She'd just make a big show that she'd be leaving the house and we'd say "Where you going?" and she'd say "Crazy. Wanna come?")

So I got him dressed and brought out his red wagon and we headed of to Timmies for an Iced Cap for me and a frozen lemonade for him.  We met the sweetest dog, a boxer/pitt mix. He was a BIG baby. As tall as George and he gave him big sloppy kisses. George was just in love.

We headed across to Canadian Tire and I finally picked up some sand for his sand box (that's why I brought the wagon) then went back home.  The way back was much more difficult with George and 2 bags of sand in the wagon. Good work out though I guess.

When I got home I set up his sandbox and decided to help out Rowland and mow the backyard for him. I've never mowed a lawn before. Luckily we have the electric mower now and not the crappy gas one. It wasn't hard, but it was definitely work. We have a HUGE yard. (Seriously enough space for a giant swing set, a giant trampoline, a big pool, a deck and still have space for grass to cut... but we don't have any of that lol)  We do have a small castle house/slide, patio furniture and a LOT of giant plants in the middle of the yard that are a pain to maneuver around. 

Halfway done the backyard and I realize G needs to go down for a nap. So I put him down and go back outside. He then watches me from his window.   Eventually I finish the yard and I am so sweaty it's dripping off me. I am shaky and weak feeling. I really over did it. If I had only eaten something when I got home from our walk I'm sure I'd have been fine. But I hadn't eaten anything since I woken up 6 hours earlier.  I'll have to keep that in mind. I am used to going long periods without eating but I need to remember to eat if I am doing physical work. I wish I would have grabbed a peanutbutter cookie when I put G down for his nap... something. It would have helped. My day was all messed up because I over did it. Once the shakes and weakness was gone I just had a splitting headache I couldn't shake.

My mom came by for a visit in the afternoon. George was super happy to see her, she hadn't been by in a while.  We relaxed in the backyard and enjoyed the goodies she brought us from Timmies. Another frozen lemonade for George and an iced coffee for me.

I ended up passing out on the couch again around 7pm. We had turned the central air on and suddenly my body just died. My head didn't hurt so bad and I was just OUT. Rowland made more burgers and I was in bed by 9 again. I was bummed because I was excited to show George the fireworks displays people do for Victoria Day... They were just starting when I went to bed.

I can't remember much about monday. We slept in, Rowland didn't work that day. We pretty much relaxed in the yard. I made taco stuffed peppers for dinner and then went to work. 

Work was madness. Stupid manager scheduled minimal crew for a holiday. We are right next to the Ambassador Bridge so we get insane traffic on a regular day, never mind on a big family holiday when everyone is on their way home from the weekend. I guess it was just non stop all day long, no one had time to stock anything, they were just bringing up boxes of stuff and grabbing cups and stuff right from the boxes.

When the rest of the staff left for the night and it finally slowed down it was well after midnight. We immediately just started stocking everything we could. The place was disgusting. The floor was sticky. No muffins were made.  We had a good 10 minute of quiet trying to get stuff done when Ashley looks over and says "Is that a bus?"

We got a fucking bus at 1AM. In seconds the store was PACKED to the brim with families. We only had one guy in kitchen, one person in drive thru, me on service and one manager. Just awesome!   For the most part everyone was pleasant and no one complained about the slow service.  Some old ladies were asking to get beat though. They kept screeching at me for their order and I am like... uh huh it's coming. See all these people, they ordered too. Ugh.   I didn't even get my first break until 3am. Which is when I am usually on  my second break.  I ended up going home 20 min early in lieu of a second break.

In General
George has been so cute lately. He spent the entire weekend in underwear and didn't pee on the potty once. He just waited until he got his diaper for naptime and peed then.  He is more than happy to pretend to pee on everything though. He takes it out and holds it and walks up to the wall, the cat, my leg and says "Peeeee!" and aims at whatever he is pretend peeing on.  He knows he will get a BIG SURPRISE and will get to call Mehma and Bill on the phone if he pees on the potty but he won't have it.  He did have 3 accidents including a poop. Ugh.

They finally moved him up to the Junior room at his daycare and he suddenly LOVES going again.  All his friends moved up back in December and he would have moved up too but the Junior room was full and he had the latest birthday.   He was always sad to go to school. Would tell me "No friends, no friends" and the kids in that room were just SO much younger than him. One kid was only 16 months! Poor kid.   Now that he is in the Junior Room he ASKS to go. He says "Go see friends!!!??" "YAY FRIENDS!" "Go school!!!"


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