May. 5th, 2013


May. 5th, 2013 01:16 pm
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I'm so tired today.  I have a bit of a cold which seems to come and go in severity. Some days I feel ok but sniffly other days I have the full blown aches, pains, exhaustion and grossness.  Yesterday was one of the good days. I felt crappy at night but spent all day outside with George and had a great time.  Today I am just tired and run down. 

We were outside for an hour or so earlier while I hung the diapers on the line and then I sat and read a book while he ran around. He started getting an attitude about the stupidest things so we came inside and he had some lunch. and is napping now.  I want to nap too but then I'll never sleep tonight.

His attitude issues have been a new development lately. Yesterday we went for a walk and for no reason at all he ran ahead of me turned and yelled so angrily "GO AWAY, MOMMY!" and kept giving me the meanest look. Didn't want to hold hands, wouldn't listen, tried to run in to the street when I asked him to stop.  He's like a Jekyll and Hyde. One minute a fun, happy little boy and the next minute he's 13 and angry at the world.   Times like this I can believe he will really be 3 in just four months.

I totally fudged up my budget calendar. I'm not even sure what I did. I thought I just wrote the wrong date of my pay day so was off by one day, but looks like I just put things in the wrong dates too so I paid things before I should have and when I went in to pay bills today I couldn't figure out where all my money was.  So everything is paid, but we have zero spending money for two weeks and no money going in to savings and now I have to wait to get my gardening stuff.  But I'm not planting anything until later this month anyway.  I still owe my mom money for some things she picked up for me from Costco last week but she said that can wait till next pay day. She used her Costco card for extra points and that bill won't be out till next month any

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